South Korea was a destination I had always had in my sights since my early twenties and by my thirties I had already travelled extensively in The Far East and finally got my chance to visit Seoul. I was instantly struck by the beauty of South Korean girls. These petite, doll like, porcelain skin, silky haired beauties where everywhere and I soon decided that they are by far the most beautiful of the Oriental girls out there. So, it was not any surprise that on my return to Blighty I always looked out and tried to find genuine Korean Independent escorts in London. But this search was not fruitful, not at first anyway, as Korean escorts in London are few and far in between. Most of the girls that I met claimed to be Korean but with my experience I knew instantly that was not the case.
This was until that fate full day in June when I was in London doing a bit of shopping. Going down a side street in Baker Street I came across a small restaurant and on reading the signage realised that it was in fact a Korean restaurant. Feeling hungry I stepped in, looking to just fill my belly but I got a lot more than I had bargained for. The restaurant was fairly empty but for a couple of young girls sitting in the corner and an old couple in another. The waiter took my order and I sat back in my chair and started to eye up the Korean girls who had now noticed me and where whispering to each other and giggling. I smiled, which was responded to with a smile back. Things where getting hot and before I could decide on my next move one of the girls was walking over to my table. She smiled and simply asked me if I would like to spend some time with her.

Suffice to say I didn't need asking twice and we arranged a date for later that evening at her place. With the excitement I barely touched my food and made my exit as soon as I could. I had her number and address and I could not wait till the evening arrived. Finally, a genuine Korean escort girl in London, and she found me! The date was one of the hottest I had ever had and have had since. She was a real pleaser, very submissive (which I love) and extremely willing to try pretty much anything. I thought I was onto a great thing, and could not wait to make her a permanent fixture, however, as quickly as she arrived, she also disappeared. The phone number I had for her was no dead and I wasn't going to go round and knock on the door as you just don't know what you may get. So, this short magical experience with an extremely sexy Korean London escort girl was brief and intense!