Edgware Road is one of London's all-night areas, lively and buzzing until the very early hours of the morning. The shops and restaurants on Edgware Road itself are open till late and the road is always busy with tourists milling around and taking in the sights and sounds. There is a big Arab community in Edgware Road and a lot of the shops and restaurants cater for them specifically with lots of Lebanese and Arabic restaurants. Edgware Road is a lively and in some parts exotic area with men sitting outside of cafes and smoking their hubbly bubbly! Paddington serves one of the main London train stations and as expected there are a lot of hotels, B&B’s and hostels dotted around the station. There are a lot of young student types walking around with rucksacks looking for a place to stay!

There has always been a big presence of escorts working in Edgware Road. You will find a good selection of high end independent escorts plying their trade from their luxury apartments looking over Hyde Park. As you go further up Edgware Road towards Kilburn the prices drop but all too often the quality does also! If you are staying in a hotel or apartment in Edgware Road or Paddington then you are never more than 5 minutes away from an Edgware Road escort to spend some time with.

Staying in a hotel in Edgware Road

A good selection of hotels serve this area including a Hilton hotel and other chain hotels. Serviced apartments are even more popular in Edgware Road within the many tall apartment blocks flanking both sides of the Edgware Road itself. This apartments cater for all budgets from the slightly cheaper places to the luxuty high end services apartments. If you are looking for a busy, buzzing and exciting area as your base to enjoy and explore more of London then W2 is a good choice. Being very central you have access to all London's main attractions and sights but you also benefit from a very active escort and night life scene meaning you will always have quick access to the best Edgware Road escorts.

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